Long Time Coming

these golden years, a group of performers emerged in the forefront as pioneers of this
sound. Napoleon “Nappy” Brown was one of these. A big man with an incredible amount of
energy, Nappy soon became famous for his wild stage antics. Touring with the likes of
Little Richard and Jackie Wilson, Nappy always got the crowds involved in his

The mid-1950s was an era of radical musical change. It was a time when musical and racial
barriers began dropping, when the spirit and drive of rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll
burned with an intensity and joy that has never been equaled. Big-voiced blues shouters
belted out their tunes backed by rocking bands of guitars, drums and horns. During

performances, often getting in the audience down on his knees and singing or dancing with
the ladies. In recent years, Nappy has recorded a solid string of albums for a variety of
labels. And interest in his early recordings remains strong, as many of them have been
reissued on CD. He regularly appears at blues festivals, where his huge voice and slightly
ribald stage antics never fail to bring down the house.
One of the great voices in American music, Nappy’ lastest offering Long Time Coming is a
triuphant album that swings with the same soulful authority that he exhibited on his hits of a
half-century ago. Inspired by stellar backing from musicians including Sean Costello,
Junior Watson, and Bob Margolin, specifically chosen for their ability to capture
the sound and feel of American music in its heyday, Nappy brilliantly recreates his classic songs,
including his signature tune, “Don’t Be Angry,” and “The Right Time,” a song later associated with
Ray Charles. Said Nappy, “This is the first time in 30
years I’ve had the chance to do my music with cats that understand it. This is the best record I have
done since 1955!”