Road To Rio

Buddy Guy and Albert Collins. Besides being spot-on, laced with signature tones, riffs and
turnarounds, Robillard’s salute to the masters sounds almost effortless. But then the same
can be said for the performances that find him looking elsewhere for inspiration, whether
it’s Bob Dylan (a rockabilly-tinted
GUITAR GROOVE-A-RAMA is the fix that fans of Duke Robillard’s multifaceted fretwork
have been waiting for, especially those with a taste for the blues. And it doesn’t matter
much what shade of blues either.That’s because midway through the album, Robillard unfurls
a 16-minute tribute to everyone from Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rodgers and Lowell Fulson to B.B. King,
rendition of “Down Along the Cove”), Ray Charles (the
vintage novelty “I’ll Do Anything but Work”) or Telecaster kings James Burton and Steve Cropper
(who inspire the album’s pitch-perfect opener, “Do the Memphis Grind”). — Mike Joyce, The Washington Post Company