Think Of Me

shades of country music. His contributions paved the way for the hybrid sound
that later came to be known as soul blues, and his widely covered
The Blues Is Alright has become an anthem in clubs, juke joints and
festival stages everywhere.A half-century after those early Sun recordings, Little Milton was still
exploring new combinations

Think Of Me

Gonna Find Me Somebody to Love Let Your Love Rain Down On Me

The Blues Is My Companion

Something Wonderful

Gone with the Wind

I’ll Be

Next to You

Think of Me (Thinking of You)

Reconsider Me

Second Hand Love

Feel Like a Man

That’s Where It’s At

From his earliest recordings on Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Records in the 1950s,
“Little Milton” Campbell was an innovator. When other blues artists of his generation
were content to churn out formulaic 12-bar blues tracks during the post-World War II
heyday of urban blues, he took the music to a new place by injecting elements of gospel,
soul, R&B and evenand coming up with fresh sounds. He made his debut on the Telarc label with
the 2005 release of Think of Me, a dozen tracks that distill a lifetime of
rich guitar skills, compelling vocals and deft songwriting into a single,
high-powered package. 

Sadly, Campbell passed away shortly after the album’s release. He suffered a massive
stroke on July 27, and died eight days later on August 4, 2005.

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