Artist-In-Citywide-Residence Program

Fruteland Jackson, March 2007

During the week of March 12, the award-winning acoustic blues soloist and educator, Fruteland Jackson, traveled from Chicago to teach Santa Barbara students about the historical roots, evolution, and diverse sounds of the Blues. Calling his program Blues 101, Fruteland took students on a cultural and musical journey from the pre-Civil War era to today. The one-hour program effectively integrated storytelling, singing, guitar playing, student performances, and a question-and-answer session.

Fruteland Jackson At Peabody Charter School

Fruteland Jackson At Anacapa School

Over 1700 students in ten public and independent schools were served. Students ranged from 4th and 5th graders, to middle and high school students, to university undergraduates. One highlight of the week was an interview Fruteland gave on the local public radio station. Another was an intimate concert he gave in a board member’s home.
We wish to thank the following for their generosity in making it possible to bring Fruteland to our community. They are:

  • The Santa Barbara Foundation
  • The Gibson Foundation
  • Holiday Inn Express of Carpinteria
  • Hertz Corporation