April 7-11, 2008

Hawkeye Herman
Carp Middle School

Blues For Youth (BFY) is an outreach of the Santa Barbara Blues Society to bring an appreciation for the Blues to the next generation. BFY attempts to educate local youth both within the formal environment of their school curriculum and outside of school with informal activities.

Blues for Youth Presentations at Santa Barbara High School
December, 2010
Al B Blue and Valerie Johnson
4th Grade Curriculum Project
One-hour program based on
California's Content Standards
Artist-In-Citywide Residence Program
(March 2007)
 Fruteland Jackson visits area schools 
SBBS Blues Concerts
 Students attend concerts & meet the artist 
Martin Luther King Day
(January 2005)
Student workshop and concert
Blues Bash
(April 2005)
Students volunteer and meet artists
More information regarding the Santa Barbara Blues Society and the Blues For Youth program can be obtained by phone, e-mail, or mail using the information displayed in the left column above.

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